Leonteq Securities AG ("Leonteq") is a Swiss issuer of investment certificates based in Zurich and controlled by the holding company Leonteq AG (together with its subsidiaries, the "Leonteq Group"). Leonteq, founded in 2007, has become a major player in the investment instruments market thanks to the experience developed over the years and its proprietary platform. The Leonteq platform is unique in that it combines advanced pricing systems, a wide choice of issuers of which Leonteq is a partner and the complete automation of all after-sale processes. In Italy, Leonteq has been operating on the Cert-X segment of EuroTLX since November 2016, with over 450 investment certificates issued.

Leonteq Securities (Europe) GmbH ("Leonteq Europe"), based in Frankfurt and with branches in London and Paris, is the main entity of the Leonteq Group active in Europe.

Companies of the Leonteq Group also operate in 7 other locations across Asia and Europe (Amsterdam, Geneva, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Monaco, Singapore and Tokyo).

Further information is available in the presentation of Leonteq (in Italian language only).